REVIEW: Amazing Stories of the Space Age

I was recently asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a space-related book — Amazing Stories of the Space Age by Rod Pyle — and I jumped at the opportunity. I love to read, and with it being a book about space, I couldn’t say no.

Indeed, with a subtitle stating: “True tales of Nazis in orbit, soldiers on the moon, orphaned Martian robots, and other fascinating accounts from the annals of spaceflight,” I was grabbed from the get-go.

Though I was familiar with most, if not all, of the topics Pyle explores, I must admit that even an old space nerd like me still learned quite a lot of new information. Even with Pyle covering an array of topics, he doesn’t leave out details for the sake of telling a quick story — every subject is brimming with information.

Not content to simply cover programs which actually came to fruition, Pyle occasionally strays into the “what ifs” of projects that, had they made it off the drawing board and into orbit, the modern world could be markedly different.

Part science fiction and part historical fact, Amazing Stories of the Space Age is a well-written and heavily-researched collection of stories, spanning spacefaring’s earliest days through the United States’s Space Shuttle program, and a variety of programs in-between. Highly recommended.

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