Lockheed Martin completes assembly of GOES-S

Lockheed Martin personnel prepare GOES-S for an acoustics test. Photo Credit: Lockheed Martin

Although the recently launched GOES-R series satellite, since designated GOES-16, has yet to enter operation, Lockheed Martin hasn’t been idle. The second member of the GOES-R series of weather satellites, GOES-S, is now complete and undergoing mechanical and environmental tests to ensure the spacecraft can handle the rigors of launch and harshness of space.

Like its on-orbit sibling, GOES-S represents a revolutionary step forward in weather satellites and will greatly enhance the data available to weather forecasters with the capability to provide near real-time observations.

However, before it can take its place in geostationary orbit and begin supplying data to scientists and forecasters, the spacecraft and its related hardware must undergo rigorous testing here on Earth.

Read more in the full piece at SpaceFlight Insider.

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