Progress on NASA’s SLS and Orion vehicles discussed at Michoud

File photo of a model of Orion atop SLS. Credit: Curt Godwin

File photo of a model of Orion atop SLS. Credit: Curt Godwin

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Before wowing onlookers with the sights and sounds related to testing an RS-25 engine, NASA sought to educate members of traditional and social media outlets about agency and industry efforts related to the Journey to Mars.

However, before the agency can begin sending ships and crew beyond Earth’s neighborhood, they must first complete the rocket and spacecraft that will enable that journey. A televised panel discussion with NASA personnel started the day with a status update of the Space Launch System (SLS), accompanied by a discussion of the challenges the agency must consider in reaching the Red Planet with a crewed mission and the efforts underway to overcome them.

Bill Hill, NASA’s deputy associate administrator for Exploration Systems Development, outlined the progress the agency is making with SLS.

Read more in the full article at SpaceFlight Insider.

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