SpaceX JCSAT-16 mission update

Official SpaceX JCSAT-16 mission patch. Credit: SpaceX

Official SpaceX JCSAT-16 mission patch. Credit: SpaceX

The countdown for the launch of the JCSAT-16 satellite, atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, continues to progress towards a projected T-0 of 1:26am EDT (5:26am UTC) on August 14, 2016. Currently, weather stands at 80% ‘GO’, with the primary concerns for violating weather constraints being cumulus and thick clouds. Should a 24-hour delay be necessary, weather favorability drops to 70% ‘GO’ with the same primary concerns.

Though the primary mission is the launch of the JCSAT-16 satellite, many – if not more – people are interested in the mission’s secondary mission: the landing and recovery of the Falcon 9’s first stage. Due to the satellite’s orbital parameters, the landing attempt will be on the automated drone ship Of Course I Still Love You rather than back on land. While rocket watchers are less enthusiastic about the offshore landing, residents near KSC/CCAFS are likely¬†pleased with prospect of not having their slumber interrupted by the triple sonic boom of the returning stage.

As has been the case as of late, SpaceX will carry both a hosted and a technical feed for the launch. Check back with The Liftoff Report for the latest news and information.

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